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11/21/11 – SAC Governing Board Chair Report – Chair Barth

January 18, 2012



Re: SACGB Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Held 2 application trainings for RSOs
  • Contacted CfLI re: office space in SAC
  • Scheduled budget hearing w/SSFC
  • Set up budget work dates w/floor manager Amy Timm
  • Finalized SAC mixer agenda and flyers
  • Discussed options for security with Lisa Aarli, Amy Timm, and Sarah Neibart (eg: security cameras and change in implementing policies)
  • Finalized prices for furniture with Kirstin Fosdal (physical plant)


Goals for Next Week

  • Compile mock allocation documents and recruit/prep interviewees
  • Distribute flyers for SAC bash
  • Decide on CfLI space issue
  • Work w/WSUM re:cameras/security
  • Decide on fabrics for project room furniture
  • Work on budget with Amy to present to SACGB
  • Delegate board member to attend meeting w/CfLI re: WIN and synching calendars


Committee Meetings and Attendance

  • 11/15/2011-
  • Aarli-Present
  • Akubeze-Present
  • Barth-Present
  • Bruecker-Excused
  • Davis-Present
  • Deng-Present
  • Falk-Present
  • Garry-Excused
  • Timm-Present


External Meetings

  • 11/14/2011 5pm-SAC Office Application Training for RSOs
  • 11/14/2011 6:30pm- SSFC budget proposal for SLSC
  • 11/16/2011 6:30pm- Student Council
  • 11/18/2011 10:30am- SAC Office Application Training for RSOs
  • 11/20/2011 2pm- Coordinating Council


Relational Meetings

  • 11/14/2011 4pm- Ali Freitag & Ade Afolayan (press office)
  • 11/18/2011 12pm- Amy Timm & Lisa Aarli
  • 11/18/2011 11:15 am- Tony Falk re: SAC mixer


Office Hours

Sunday 12-2pm

Tuesday 5-8pm


Points for Press Office

  • SAC Mixer in Project Room 12/6
  • Last application training 12/4 (Sunday) 4pm
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