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11/28/11 – ASM Chair Report – Chair A. Gardner

January 18, 2012

Dates 11-25-11 – 11-29-11


Re: Chair Report


Work Accomplished

Friday, 11-25-11

  • Follow up on reorganization of ASM office space

Saturday, 11-26-11

  • outreach to previous Reserve Board members on historical information and composition
  • recruitment of Chairs for Regents meeting and orientation to Madison campus on Dec. 6th
  • communciation with Assistant Press Office Director on student org town hall scheduled for Dec. 1st

Sunday, 11-27-11:

  • follow up with Claire Lynch on Advisory committee on the office of Dean of Students and documents outlining process and practice of appointments to search and screen committees
  • Prep for University Governance ad hoc committee
  • Communication with press office on this week’s Student Council meeting and student org town hall
  • Setting up 1:1 meetings with SC reps and Chairs on end of the semester progress
  • Ongoing planning for Coordinating Council retreat
  • Putting together response to VC Bazzell on memo regarding budget lapses with Chair Neibart
  • Scheduling next CC meeting and CC retreat
  • Listening to Nominations board interviews for GSSF accountability liaison, SGC internal affairs director, SGC policy director
  • follow up with Leg. Affairs Chair on release from VC Bazzell on voter Id (how are students being engaged in decisions pertaining to funding of voter IDs)

Monday, 11-28-11

  • Organizing stipend release form
  • Setting up follow up meetings with Hannah Somers, Nicholas Brigham Schmuhl, Mia Akers, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Sam Seering


Goals for Next Week

  • Pre-schedule time for follow up from each meeting
  • Solidify meeting with University Committee with Dale Caruthers
  • Solidify meeting time of Shared Gov. working group with Brad Barham and Heather Daniels
  • Follow up with Eden and Provost Deluca on University Assessment Council and Campus Planning Committee
  • Set up meetings with RSO coalition to discuss cultural centers
  • Set up regularly scheduled meetings with Eden Inoway-Ronnie and Claire Lynch
  • Plan coordinating council meetings for rest of semester


Committee Meetings and Attendance

Monday, 11-28-11

  • Nominations Board
  • Student Print Board


External Meetings

Monday, 11-28-11

  • Meeting with Brad Barham, Heather Daniels to discuss Dec. 6th meeting with Regents
  • University Governance ad hoc group: Rec. Sports Board, Advisory Committee on office of Dean of Students, Healthcare Advisory Board, Bike-Pedestrian subcommittee, process for soliciting nominations for ad hoc and search and screen committees, follow up plans for Dec. 12th University Committee meeting
  • Lisa Aarli – Coordinating Council retreat logistics, end of semester plans
  • Sade Johnson – follow up on stipend report, Coordinating Council
  • Ron Crandall – ASM internal budget

Tuesday, 11-29-11

  • David Gardner, discussion of Chief of Staff position
  • University Affairs committee – financial opportunities fair, update on student hourlies
  • Press Office weekly update
  • 1:1 with Hannah Somers – follow up on end of semester, Vote Week


Relational Meetings



Office Hours

M: 8pm-10pm

T: 10am-12:30pm

W: 10am-1pm

TR: 8:30am-11am







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