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11/7/11 – ASM Chair Report – Chair A. Gardner

January 18, 2012

Wednesday, 11-2-11 – 11-9-11


Re: Chair Report


Work Accomplished

SC Retreat trainings, discussions and logistics finalized, Begin planning for CC retreat in December

Planning presentation to SSFC on SC Budget

Reviewing semester plans for committee Chairs

Constituent outreach through RSOs and laying groundwork for coalition building

Working with intern on Shared Gov. project


Goals for Next Week

Tangibles regarding focus Shared Gov. committees

Finalize semester plan for SC meeting

Planning upcoming workshops for SC

Work with Leg. Affairs Chair on Vote post-GAB decision

Work with Univ. Affairs Chair on e-text


Committee Meetings and Attendance

11-8-11: Rules Committee (pre-passed bylaws, contradictions, new bylaws)


External Meetings

11-3-11: Claire Lynch and Jonathan Harris, reviewing progress of intern project, RSOs that have been met with, reviewing goals for filling Shared Gov. vacancies


11-3-11: University Governance ad hoc committee: Provost Deluca, Heather Daniels, Brad Barham, Claire Lynch, Nicholas Brigham Schmuhl, CNCS rep., ASEC rep, Eden Inoway-Ronnie, Becci Menghini (Reviewing 3 focus committees under provost – University Assessment Cmte., University Academic Planning Council, and Campus Planning Committee.  Also, discussing possibility of e-text being brought to the University – online textbook system)


11-7-11: Press Office (Reviewing structure and task delegation, prepping for upcoming Press Conferences/Info sessions, discussion on mass emails and livestream for SC meetings, weekly meetings with all cmte. Chairs)


11-7-11: Lisa Aarli (Finalizing SC Retreat)


11-8-11: Tangela Roberts (Status of Diversity committee, leadership development, Training for SC retreat)


11-8-11: Kevin Helmkamp (System Subcommittee on Policy 30-4 on the Mandatory Refundable fee and effects on United Council members)


11-8-11: Joanna Gurstelle (Planning VPN training and overview for SC Retreat)


11-8-11: Ben Rodriguez – Assistant Dean College of L&S (Follow up on cultural centers discussion, and specializing undergraduate liberal arts major – American Studies programs)

11-8-11: Press Office (weekly update, planning for upcoming info session with campus media, overview of SC meeting agenda)


11-9-11: Katie Fischer – Union Council President (past funding for WUD and the Union, involvement and relationship between ASM and Union Council)


Office Hours 11-7-11 – 11-11-11:


Monday (11/7): 11am-12pm (ASM Office) , 9-10:30pm (Espresso Royale, State St.)

Thursday (11/10): 10:30-11:30am

Friday (11/11): 11:00am-1:30pm






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