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11/7/11 – Leg Affairs Chair Report – Chair Somers

January 18, 2012

Submitted: 11/7/11

For: Sunday 10/30 – Sunday 11/6


Re: Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Report


Office Hours

Monday- 4-7 pm

Tuesday 7-8 pm

Wednesday 4-5 pm


Bullet Points

–          Mock Election (Nov 15)

–          Housing Fair (Nov 17)

–          Mifflin Survey (end of the week)


Weekly Goals

Mock election logistics done

Housing fair facebook event flyers approved and printed

Vote coalition membership increased and goals organized

Communication plan with UW admin


Work Accomplished



Rough strategy chart and dates planned out for vote coalition



Put in order at student print for housing fair flyers



Began plan with UW-Communications and Dean of Students Office



Gained knowledge on vote coalition


Goals for Next Week

Housing fair flyers distributed

Flyers created for mock election

Mock election logistics DONE and volunteers gathered and coordinated

Lit for vote coalition

Plan for registration for vote coalition

Volunteers for vote coalition registration/education week

Responsible Action meeting

Mifflin Survey sent out


Committee Meetings and Attendance


            Karen Scott

            Boan Saipar

            Libby Wick-Bander

            Mudit Kackar

            Leland Pan

            Beth Huang

            Tom Duncan

Mock election, housing fair, vote coalition, higher education, responsible action


External Meetings and Attendance


            Andrew Mackens

            Nancy Jensen

Housing Fair


            Colin Higgins

            Beth Huang

            Allie Gardner

Vote Coalition strategy


            Kate and Gabby

Voter ID


            Johnna Sundberg

Responsible Action


            Matt Kozlowski

Wispirg and vote coalition


            Tyler Junger

            Greg Bump

Voter ID communications plan


            Matt Wendt

Vote Coalition


            Lucas Daily

Our Ballot Box


            David Gardner

Responsible Action at the state level

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