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11/7/11 – Shared Governance Chair Report – Chair Lynch

January 18, 2012

Tuesday 11/01/11 – Monday 11/07/11


Re: Shared Governance Committee Chair Report


Weekly Goals

Plan budget tutorial with Representative Neibart, Rich, and Joanna.

Work on nomination for alternate graduate student representative on HR Redesign.

Formulate next steps with Sam Polstein and Jacob Miller for getting permanent student seat(s) on Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group.

Draft reappointment document and corresponding bylaw amendments with NBS.

Facilitate panel discussion at SGC weekly meeting. Follow up with panelists and committee members to see whether they found it to be informative.

Hold relational meeting with SGC member Sundar Sharma to discuss SGC blog and leadership opportunities (Policy Director).

Prepare for and chair Shared Governance Working Group on Thursday, 11/3.

Continue recruitment for remaining open seats. Review applications I have received and make decisions by the end of the week where possible.

Help Representative DeQuattro with anything I can relating to the SGC Director search and selection process. Provide input about interview questions.

Follow up with Registrar Owczarek about potential ClassOwl pilot.


Work Accomplished


Weekly meeting with Kelly Krein: Setting up the SGC blog with NetID logins.

Met with Chair Gardner to prepare for Shared Governance Working Group 11/3.

Coordinated meeting to discuss role of ex-officio Student Council members.

Followed up with Eden regarding search for student to sit on the search and screen for new Director of the General Library System.



Office Hours: Followed up with Kelly Krein about SGC members joining the blog with their wiscmail addresses; planned for Working Group with NBS; met with an individual interested in applying for open standing committees.

Met with Lisa, Chair Coates, and Chair Barth to discuss the role of ex-officio SC members and to plan discussion for the SC retreat on 11/12.

Met with Sundar Sharma and Beth Huang to discuss SGC leadership opportunities.

Met with Cody Ostenson to discuss the possibility of drafting legislation to appoint students to ASM Foundation through SGC appointment process.

Drafted document outlining the rationale, process, and questions for reappointment to standing committees, to be discussed at Working Group 11/3.

Drafted and sent out the agenda for Working Group 11/3.

Weekly email to the SGC: Agenda and minutes from 10/27, update on SGC Director search and application process, heads up about invitation to join the blog.

Attended Student Council meeting.


Prepped for and attended meeting with Provost DeLuca regarding student representation on Campus Planning Committee, University Academic Planning Council, and University Assessment Council.

Checked in with Jonathan Harris. Will send updated open seats roster so that he can better prioritize which student organizations to target for recruitment. Also suggested that he tailor recruitment message to particular org interests.

SGC meeting: Panel discussion with Aaron Brower, Jeff Hamm, and Chuck Snowdon.

Shared Governance Working Group: De-briefed on last ad hoc meeting and meeting with Provost DeLuca, discussed agenda items for next ad hoc meeting.



Meeting with PA Brigham Schmuhl: Made appointment decisions regarding open seat applicants, drafted interview questions for SGC Director positions, discussed timeline for proposed amendment to SGC reappointment process.

Sent email to Student Council reps who sit on shared governance committees soliciting input and co-sponsorship regarding reappointment legislation.



Notified applicants to open seats of appointment decisions.

Followed up with MEChA members interested in applying for open seat on Space and Remodeling Policies Committee.

Followed up with students who had expressed an interest in applying for open seats on the L&S Curriculum and LGBT Issues Committees.

Appointed Robert Figueroa, who applied during Fall appointments, to the Labor Licensing Policy Committee after previous appointee had to resign.

Set up a meeting with Jamie Bemis to discuss leadership opportunities in the SGC.

Sent open seats roster updates to NBS and Jonathan Harris.



Emailed Aaron Brower, Jeff Hamm, and Chuck Snowdon thanking them for their participation in the panel discussion.

Corresponded with Aaron Brower, Sade Johnson, Jonah Zinn, and others regarding the possibility of using etext discussions to launch an ongoing shared governance textbook committee.



Met with applicant to open seat on WSUM Governance Board regarding the responsibilities as an ASM representative of the student body.

Meeting with NBS: Made more appointments to open seats, drafted bylaw amendment for reappointment process to standing committees.

Notified applicants to open seats of appointment decisions.

Sent email reminder to SGC that applications for SGC Director positions are due tonight at midnight. Also asked for feedback on panel discussion.

Met with Faculty Senator Sabine Moedersheim.

Attended Faculty Senate meeting.

Met with SGC member Jamie Bemis to discuss leadership opportunities on the SGC.


Goals for Next Week

Continue working with Noms Board on SGC Director search and interviews.

Meet with Sade Johnson and Jonah Zinn to work on forming a textbook committee.

Finish planning and hold budget tutorial at SGC weekly meeting, 11/10.

Meet with Carrie Kruse about forming a student advisory board to the libraries.

Make nomination for Library Director Search and Screen.

Make nomination for graduate alternate on HR Redesign Advisory Board.

Meet with Alice Gustafson regarding presentation on Administrative Excellence Initiative, to be held at SGC weekly meeting, 11/17.

Follow up after attending Faculty Senate meeting: Action items?


Committee Meetings and Attendance

11/3    Shared Governance Committee


External Meetings and Attendance

11/1    Kelly Krein

11/1    Chair Gardner

11/2    Lisa Aarli, Chair Coates, Chair Barth

11/2    Sundar Sharma, Beth Huang

11/2    Cody Ostenson

11/2    Student Council

11/3    Provost DeLuca

11/3    Shared Governance Working Group

11/4    NBS

11/7    Jackie Esguerra, NBS

11/7    NBS

11/7    Professor Sabine Moedersheim

11/7    Faculty Senate

11/7    Jamie Bemis


ASM Press Office Highlights

  • SGC Policy Director and Internal Affairs Director search and application process is ongoing.
  • Appointments made to ten open seats, including to such crucial committees as the Healthcare Advisory Board, the L&S Curriculum Committee, the University General Education Committee, the LGBT Issues Committee, and others. The list of open seats is rapidly shrinking. (YAY!)
  • Strong possibility that discussions surrounding the possibility of bringing etexts to campus will provide the push for a shared governance textbook committee to be established.
  • Well on our way to formalizing student seats on Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group.


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