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12/11/11 – University Affairs Chair Report – Chair Johnson

January 18, 2012

December 11th, 2011


Re: University Affairs Chair Report



Work Accomplished


  • Meeting with all members of my committee
  • Helping Allison with Ideas on Capping tuition week
  • Media on Financial Opportunities
  • Meeting with Sammie
  • Joining an Shared Governance Committee
  • Attending a meeting about E-Text with Claire Lynch/Recruiting Students.


Goals for Next Week

  • Meeting with all members
  • Set up meetings for next semester


Committee Meetings and Attendance


12-04-2011: Coordinating Council


12-06-2011: University Affairs Committee Meeting. (See me or Clay Thomas if you would like to see my Attendance.


12-07-2011: Financial Opportunities Working Group


12-07-2011: Student Council


12-09-2011: Coordinating Council


External Meetings


12-05-2011: Meeting with David (Financial Opportunities Fair)


12-06-2011: MCSC


12-07-2011: Meeting with E-Text Commit (Brian) with Claire


12-07-2011: Meeting with Kelly (Text book stuff & interns)


12-07-2011: Meeting with Richard Rolland


12-08-2011: Meeting with Sammie (about PostCard)





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