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12/18/11 – SAC Governing Board Chair Report – Chair Barth

January 18, 2012



Re: SACGB Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Drafted an intern project for spring semester (space allocation across campus)
  • Offered LIC office space upgrade
    • Worked w/floor manager to coordinate move in/out and phone line change
  • Compiled all applications and materials for packet for board members
    • Table of Contents
    • Evaluation forms after each application
    • 2 year past users
  • Performed evaluation of 2ndgroup from mock allocation and compared to allocate one suite to either applicant based on discussion of criteria
    • Brought up issues of concern and added to instruction form
  • Talked with board about CfLI office space and looking into uses (allocate to org or tenant resource center)
  • Met w/reserve board to discuss safety concerns and solutions in WSUM
    • Cameras, staffing, policy
    • Agreed on 8 cameras and talked DVR shared space with building
  • Set up Budget hearing dates w/Sarah Neibart
  • Sent out reminder to all orgs via CfLI re: space applications


Goals for Next Week

  • Set up meeting with SBI to discuss space use and plan
  • Meet w/David Gardner re: SACGB leadership roles and board scope
  • Draft a written agreement for CfLI that brings up proposal each fall and decide to allocate prior to general RSO pool or be included in general RSO pool of applicants
  • Set up meeting date with floor manager to discuss budget
  • Go through space applications with evaluation forms
  • Communicate to board about TRC moving into small office (coordinate phone lines with Amy Timm and Lisa Aarli)
  • Check with ACUI to get ideas for artwork/design of the history of the building
  • Set up a tentative interview schedule for board
  • Contact SBI and SIFE re: sharing space in the incubator area rather than applying for allocated space


Committee Meetings and Attendance

  • 12/13/2011 – Deng, Davis, Barth, Garry, Aarli, Timm, Bruecker, Benson


External Meetings

  • 12/14/2011-Reserve Board-re: camera installation and security in WSUM, future interest in makeup of reserve board
  • 12/16/2011-Coco Retreat-leadership development, empowering committee members, roles of coco and student council


Relational Meetings

  • 12/13/2011-Tony Falk- debrief of mixer and talking about WIN board and future of posting/calendaring (Rec sports?)
  • 12/19/2011-Lisa Aarli-re: space allocation materials, art gallery, policy for survey of offices, TRC space (small)


Office Hours

Sunday 10:30am-1pm

Monday 10:30am-12pm

Tuesday 10:30am-11:30am

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