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12/18/11 – Shared Governance Chair Report – Chair Lynch

January 18, 2012

Tuesday 12/13/11 – Monday 12/19/11


Re: Shared Governance Committee Chair Report


Weekly Goals

Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group: Meet with Johnna Sundberg, Jacob Miller, and Tom Sieger about framework for subcommittee on student orgs.

Follow up with appointees to SITIAC, HR Work Teams, and search and screens for the SoHE and Vet Med deans about their responsibilities to the ASM SGC.

Continue recruiting for Administrative Excellence work teams on Data Center Aggregation and Strategic Purchasing – Computer Bundles.

Further orientation of new SGC Internal Affairs and Policy Directors.

Move forward with appointing SGC student rep to MSC Assistant Director search and screen committee. Schedule end-of-semester meeting with Hilliard.

Schedule end-of-semester meetings with Scott Owczarek.

Move forward with organizing student group to continue working on textbook committee and keeping up to speed with etext pilot program.

Shared Governance Working Group: Meet with Brad Postle about Healthcare Advisory Board, continue research on Women’s Committee, discussion of Bike/Ped committee and faculty chair terms.


Work Accomplished


Emailed Alice Gustafson asking for details about time commitment, meeting schedules, and responsiblities associated with Admin Excellence work teams.

Emailed etext pilot team suggesting that students in participating courses be notified by email in addition to the Textbook Entry function of Faculty Center.

Emailed Tim Walsh and Jeff Hamm about whether Council on Academic Advising is one of the committees that should be prioritized for Spring appointments.

Emailed Eden Inoway-Ronnie with Laura Dunek’s updated memo regarding UAPC framework for reviewing potential program cuts.

Finalized meeting on Friday with NBS, Brad Postle, and Sarah Van Orman regarding Healthcare Advisory Board structure and membership.

Emailed chairs of University Assessment Council, University Honors Committee, and University Bookstore Board of Trustees about whether those committees should be prioritized for Spring appointments.

Emailed Brad Brown, chair of the Advisory Committee to the Office of the Dean of Students, about possibility of having a student co-chair.

Sent email to the SGC canceling this week’s meeting in light of final exams.



Followed up with AE work team applicant Jeffrey Lewis with answers to some of his concerns about the time commitment.

Met with SGC members Anthony Errigo and Anatoily Nechyporenko to discuss extra projects they might pursue with the SGC.

Met with NBS and the SGC Directors to discuss division of responsibilities.



Corresponded with Jo Matzner, Greg Helfrich and other CTC/Student Transportation Board members about meeting over break to discuss ongoing problems with student representation on CTC and Bike/Ped. Also clarified process for filling my seat on the CTC once I graduate.

Chair Johnson and I attended Professor Nancy Wong’s class presentations about textbook issues, particularly strategies for UBS to remain viable.



Attended Coordinating Council Retreat.

Met with Brad Postle, Sarah Van Orman, and NBS about changes to Healthcare Advisory Board. Emailed Chair Gardner with re-cap of discussions about consolidating membership, having a student majority, having a student co-chair.

Met with Tom Sieger, Jacob Miller, Johnna Sundberg, and others to set framework for subcommittee on student org alcohol use. Binder about policies adopted at other universities could be reviewed by Student Alcohol Policy Board.

Emailed Mona Jalal offering to meet about her interest in the SGC Chair position. Emailed Chair Gardner with the idea to hold a couple of question/answer sessions with interested individuals during the first week of classes.

Further research in FP&P about Committee on Women in the University.

Followed up with Dean Berquam about proposal to have a student co-chair the Advisory Committee to the ODoS.

Followed up with Craig Benson with information about moving forward to add two shared gov student reps on the Office of Sustainability Advisory Board.

Appointed Jasmine Navar to open undergrad seat on Memorial Library Committee.









External Meetings and Attendance

12/14  Anthony Errigo, Anatoily Nechyporenko

            Topics discussed: Extra projects with the SGC

12/14  NBS, SGC Directors Sharma and Goodsett

            Topics discussed: Division of responsibilities for SGC Directors

12/15  Chair Johnson, Professor Nancy Wong, UBS President Pat McGowan

            Topics discussed: Presentations on strategies for UBS to remain viable

12/16  Coordinating Council Retreat

12/16  NBS, Brad Postle, Sarah Van Orman

            Topics discussed: Potential changes to Healthcare Advisory Board

12/16  Tom Sieger, Jacob Miller, Johnna Sundberg

            Topics discussed: Subcommittee on student org alcohol use


ASM Press Office Highlights

  • Nominations for the SGC Policy Director and Internal Affairs Director approved. Moving forward with orienting these new SGC leaders!
  • Strong possibility that discussions surrounding etext pilot program provide the push for a shared governance textbook committee to be established.
  • Plans to establish a student advisory board for the libraries are underway!
  • Student seat on Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group has been formalized, and a student has been appointed to the subcommittee dealing with student org alcohol consumption. Student representatives on subcommittees could form an ASM Student Board dealing with these issues, like CTC/Student Transportation Board model.
  • Recruitment ongoing for students to sit on the Administrative Excellence work teams. Students have been selected for the following work teams: Space Utilization, Email/Calendaring, Strategic Purchasing of Scientific Supplies, and Strategic Purchasing of MSO Supplies, and Strategic Purchasing of Office Supplies. (Data Center Aggregation and Computer Bundles remain.)
  • Negotiations with Transportation Services underway regarding ways to deal with budget shortfall, particularly in relation to campus bus service.


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