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12/4/11 – Leg Affairs Chair Report – Chair Somers

January 18, 2012

Submitted: 12/5/11

For: Sunday 11/27 – Sunday 12/4


Re: Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Report


Work Accomplished

Meeting set up for Mifflin Survey Analysis

Vote Week ~ 140 people registered


Goals for Next Week

Share Results of Mifflin Survey Analysis

Outreach to more orgs and people about vote

Figure out how to Database for voter registration forms

Housing Fair follow-up survey


Committee Meetings and Attendance


Legislative Affairs Committee Meeting

Attendance: Boan Sianpiar, Karen Scott, Maria Giannopoulos, Libby Wick-Bander, David Gardner, Beth Huang

Excused: Thom Duncan, Sam Polstein, Mudit Kackar

Topics Discussed: Financial aid, Mifflin Survey, Voter Id update, Lobby Day, Housing Fair Follow-up



Vote Coalition Meeting

Topics Discussed: RSO space, how to get more volunteers, April 3 election


External Meetings


Susan Fischer

Financial Aid



Erika Wolf




Wisconsin Experience Grant Meeting



Shared Governance


Relational Meetings


Allie Gardner

1-1 ABTS, council



Carolyn Priblen

Global Lead




Vice Chair Position, Council


Office Hours

Monday 4-7 pm

Tuesday 5-6 pm

Wednesday 4:30-5:30 pm


Points for Press Office

Video for Vote/ New voter IDs

Mifflin Survey

Nuisance Party Update






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