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12/4/11 – SAC Governing Board Chair Report – Chair Barth

January 18, 2012



Re: SACGB Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Met with Kirstin Fosdal re: furniture in Project Room remodel; discussed options for remodeling space in ASM office
  • Identified points of difficulty in allocation process (from mock allocation)-drafted an instruction guide for board members for filling out eval forms
  • Conducted final space application training
  • Amended SLSC Legislation after consulting with various chairs
  • Brought concern of student retreat space from town hall to attention of University Affairs Chair
  • Posted SAC Mixer signs and distributed flyers


Goals for Next Week

  • Final Presentation for Approval with SLSC at Student Council
  • Draft a works accomplished form for presentation to SC
  • Gather info re:SAC mixer and meet with Tony and debrief with board to set goals for next semester
  • Finalize budget with Amy Timm
  • Meet with Laura Checovich to help move forward w/ASM office remodel
  • Follow up w/Sheila Keaton re: CfLI office
  • Contact SBI chair and schedule hearing and accountability for SACGB
  • Offer LIC larger office and bring to board
  • Draft pro/con of budget for board hearing


Committee Meetings and Attendance

  • 11/29/2011-Akubeze, Barth, Bruecker, Davis, Deng, Falk, Garry, Timm, Aarli, Keaton, Benson


External Meetings

  • 11/29/2011- Kirstin Fosdal-Physical Plant re: chair fabrics, table tops, furniture frames; also checked out ASM office for redesign
  • 12/1/2011-Town Hall meeting
  • 12/4/2011-Coco
  • 12/4/2011-SAC Application Training


Relational Meetings

  • 12/2/2011- Keaton-re: CfLI office space
  • 12/2/2011-Timm/Aarli-re: debrief of mock allocation, mixer, budget
  • 12/2/2011-Bill Easton-re: cameras for SAC conference rooms
  • 12/4/2011-Nneka Akubeze-re: Safe Space agenda and past purchase of SAC camera


Office Hours

Tuesday 5-6pm/ 7-8pm

Wednesday 4:00-6:30pm

Friday 12-1pm


Points for Press Office

  • SAC Mixer in Project Room 12/6
  • SAC Applications Due 12/16 at midnight
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