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12/4/11 – Shared Governance Chair Report – Chair Lynch

January 18, 2012

Tuesday 11/29/11 – Monday 12/05/11


Re: Shared Governance Committee Chair Report


Weekly Goals

Finish document outlining how SGC has handled calls for student representatives for search and screen committees, and how this process could be improved.

HR Redesign: Finalize appointments to the Work Teams that have not been filled, forward those names to HR Director Lavigna, plan strategy for ongoing communication and coordination between HR Redesign Advisory Committee student reps and Work Team student reps. Biweekly meeting?

Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group: Follow up with Tom Sieger in identifying student rep for subcommittee on student org alcohol issues.

Follow up with appointees to SITIAC, HR Work Teams, and search and screens for the SoHE and Vet Med deans about their responsibilities to the ASM SGC.

Textbook committee: Email consumer science professor teaching course for which students are researching etexts. Presentations will be given to the UW Bookstore Board of Trustees – either Sade or I should attend.

Write an op-ed about the HR Redesign work teams for the Badger Herald.

Make nomination to UW System committee on student health insurance issues.


Work Accomplished


Weekly meeting with Kelly Krein: Discussion of next steps for improving student representation on the Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group and for forming a shared governance committee on textbook issues.

Followed up with Sarah Van Orman with more questions and suggestions regarding changes to the structure/membership of the Healthcare Advisory Board.

Followed up with Sarah Van Orman and Lori Berquam about adding SGC-appointed student to membership list for Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group.

Emailed ASM interns Johnna Sundberg and Morgan Rae about representing students on Alcohol Policy Group subcommittee dealing with student org alcohol use.

Emailed Professor Wong about students’ research project on etexts and possibility of attending presentations to University Bookstore Board of Trustees.

Followed up with Cody Ostenson requesting information needed for student seats on ASM Foundation to be appointed through the SGC process.

Requested confirmation from three more prospective members of HR Work Teams.

Invitations to join SGC Blog sent to new appointees.

Reminder to graduate Student Council reps to notify their constituents about opportunity to sit on the UW System committee on student health insurance.






Meeting with Chair Gardner: Discussion of next steps for Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group, University Assessment Council, UAPC, Campus Planning Committee. Also discussed agenda items for meeting with Board of Regents.

Contacted UAPC student rep Laura Dunek about presenting ideas for vetting program cuts to Student Council next Wednesday.

Further communication with UHS Prevention Services Director Tom Sieger and ASM intern Johnna Sundberg about student org alcohol subcommittee.

Further communication with etext pilot group: Why were students not consulted when selecting professors/courses for the pilot program?

Finalized appointment of students to the Diverse Workforce, Titling, Workplace Flexibility, and Performance Management HR Redesign work teams.

Weekly check-in meeting with Press Office Director Afolayan.

Appointed two students to the search and screen committee for the new Director of the General Library System, forwarded names of appointees to Eden Inoway-Ronnie, notified other applicants of decision and encouraged them to apply for open seats on the Memorial Library and Library Committees.

Weekly email to the SGC: Agenda and minutes.

Attended Student Council meeting. Legislation for SGC reappointment process was introduced and appointments for SGC Directors were approved.

ASM Foundation information added to the SGC online Committee Directory.



Weekly check-in with ASM intern Jonathan Harris: Reviewed list of interest area for “Interest Inventory” survey that could be included on ASM homepage.

Weekly SGC meeting: Discussion of how to better facilitate issue-specific discussions between smaller groups of committees, standing committee updates.



Campus Transportation Committee: Transportation Services Director Patrick Kass reviewed proposals for dealing with budget shortfall.

Scheduled meeting with Brian McNurlen, member of etext pilot program team, for next Wednesday. Will discuss background and areas for student involvement.

Corresponded with Chair Gardner about strategies and timeline for recruiting students to sit on Administrative Excellence work teams.

Scheduled orientation meeting with new Internal Affairs Director Claudia Goodsett.

HR Redesign: Meeting with Leland Pan and new Work Team appointees to discuss strategies for ongoing communication and goal-setting.



Contacted Representatives Billeaux and Hinahara, recently appointed to the SGC, about serving on the Teaching Awards Committee.

Contacted Bob Lavigna requesting a description of Transition and Succession work team and clarification about Competencies team. Forwarded response to student who expressed interest in Transition and Succession team.

Emailed the Student Transportation Board two agenda items from CTC meeting: Bike/Ped subcommittee is operating without formal meetings or student input, Noyce’s Chairmanship may have expired.

Followed up with Cathy Trueba about getting a student representative on the Accessibility and Usability Committee, which is advisory to the Provost.

Followed up after conversation with SGC member Rose Brenner about inactivity this semester of Committee on Access and Accommodations in Instruction. Is faculty working on making appointments so that it can start meeting?

Followed up with Susan De Vos (Students for New Urbanism) about presenting to the Student Transportation Board next semester.

Forwarded 12/2 HR meeting notes and academic staff’s HR work team goals to the HR Advisory Committee and Work Team student reps.



Attended Coordinating Council: Discussed legislation to hold Student Council meetings every other week, proposal to fund Athletic Board student reps’ trip to NCAA conference, CoCo attendance policy, preparation for Regent’s meeting.



Meeting with Dean of Students Advisory Committee appointee Neil Damron to discuss activities, membership and power dynamics of the committee.

Confirmed Tola Ewers as the student appointee to the Transition and Succession HR work team. Forwarded her name to Bob Lavigna. and sent her information from the meeting with other HR work team appointees on 12/2.

Sent information about Administrative Excellence Email/Calendaring and Space Utilization work teams to Brianna Barth, ASM CoCo, and Kelly Krein to be distributed to SAC student orgs, ASM committees, and in mass email.

Coordinated with Chair Johnson about next steps with the etext pilot program. Response from Nancy Wong about Consumer Science students’ presentations on etext research, December 13 and 15.

Met briefly with Claudia Goodsett about updating information to attendance record.

Attended Faculty Senate meeting. Inquired about Access and Accommodations.

Meeting with Dale Carruthers and members of the Shared Gov Working Group to discuss proposed changes to Rec Sports Board composition and structure.

Finished document outlining ASM SCG appointment process for search and screens.

Nomination to System student health insurance committee sent to Chair Gardner.


Goals for Next Week

Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group: Meet with Johnna Sundberg about serving as rep for subcommittee on student org alcohol issues.

Follow up with appointees to SITIAC, HR Work Teams, and search and screens for the SoHE and Vet Med deans about their responsibilities to the ASM SGC.

Recruit, review applications, and forward appointments for Administrative Excellence Email/Calendaring and Space Utilization Committees.

Further orientation of new SGC Internal Affairs and Policy Directors.

Move forward with appointing SGC student rep to MSC Assistant Director search and screen committee. Schedule end-of-semester meeting with Hilliard.

Schedule end-of-semester meetings with Scott Owczarek and Carrie Kruse.

Move forward with organizing student group to continue working on textbook committee and keeping up to speed with etext pilot program.

Shared Governance Working Group: Contact Brad Postle about Healthcare Advisory Board, meeting to discuss potential for student involvement on Women’s Committee, discussion of Bike/Ped committee and faculty chair terms.


Committee Meetings and Attendance

12/01  Shared Governance Committee

            Attendance: Tia Nowack, Mia Akers, Justin Gerstner

            Excused: Templeton, Thomas, Pan, Somers, Mette

*Did not track Hinahara and Billeaux for this week, since they had just been appointed to the SGC and had not been made aware of the meeting time.


External Meetings and Attendance

11/29  Kelly Krein

            Topics discussed: Next steps for alcohol and textbook committees.

11/30 Chair Gardner, NBS

            Topics discussed: Next steps for Shared Gov Working Group target committees

11/30  Ade Afolayan

            Topics discussed: Op-eds on Administrative Excellence, transportation issues

11/30  Student Council

12/01  Jonathan Harris

            Topics discussed: Interest Inventory for ASM homepage

12/02  Campus Transportation Committee

            Topics discussed: Transportation Services budget

12/02  HR Redesign student appointees

            Topics discussed: Background, coordination between student reps

12/04  Coordinating Council

12/05  Neil Damron

            Topics discussed: Student representation on DoS Advisory Committee

12/05 Claudia Goodsett

            Topics discussed: Updating SGC attendance record

12/05  Faculty Senate

12/05  Dale Carruthers, Chair Neibart, Chair Gardner, NBS

            Topics discussed: Rec Sports Board composition and structure


ASM Press Office Highlights

  • Nominations for the SGC Policy Director and Internal Affairs Director approved. Moving forward with orienting these new SGC leaders!
  • Strong possibility that discussions surrounding etext pilot program provide the push for a shared governance textbook committee to be established.
  • Plans to establish a student advisory board for the libraries are underway!
  • Student seat on Chancellor’s Alcohol Policy Group has been formalized. Student representatives on subcommittees could form an ASM Student Board dealing with these issues, like CTC/Student Transportation Board model.
  • Students have been appointed to all eleven work teams for the over-arching HR Redesign initiative that is underway. These students will have an opportunity to provide input about how student employees are treated on this campus for decades to come.
  • Recruitment underway for students to sit on the Administrative Excellence work teams, particularly those dealing with Email/Calendaring and Space Utilization.
  • Negotiations with Transportation Services underway regarding ways to deal with budget shortfall, particularly in relation to campus bus service.


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