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1/31/12 – Finance Committee Chair Report – Chair Coates

January 29, 2012

January 23, 2012 – January 29, 2012


Re: Finance Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Routinely answering questions for RSOs about the grant process/requirements
  • Agenda for meeting e-mailed to members and posted outside office
  • Budget Transfers
  • Brainstorming to draft a guide (for future FC Chairs)
  • Brainstorming funding guide to possibly be distributed to RSOs
  • Semester Planning for Spring 2012


Goals for Next Week

  • Allocated all Travel Funds
  • Start draft for FC Guide
  • Start to institutionalize new position in FC
  • Continue to support RSOs and outreach
  • Schedule hearings for RSOs applying for grants
  • Insure efficiency within the committee and appropriate decision making
  • Continue website maintenance


Committee Meetings and Attendance

Finance Committee, January 24th

Kara, Davy, Nikole, Ziqi, Tim, David, Josh

Topics discussed: Event and Travel Grant requests, Budget Transfers


Coordinating Council, January 25th


Topics discussed: chairs role, semester planning, strategic plan


External Meetings

Hearing Overview, January 24th

Kelly Post

Topics discussed: Event and Travel Grants to be heard, logistics, things to be clarified


Internal Update, January 25th

Lisa Aarli

Topics discussed: Internal work in ASM. Personal position and progress with ASM


Recruitment Training, January 25th

Topics discussed: Effective tabling and other recruitment methods


Relational Meetings

Meeting w/ David, January 25th

David G

Topics discussed: Press Liaison, role of CoCo, Support from Chief of Staff


RSO Meeting, January 24th

WISA Leadership

Topics discussed: Application for Event


One on One, January 30th

Allie G.

Topics discussed: Monthly recap with chair


Office Hours

  • Tuesdays, 11am-5pm


Points for Press Office

  •  Application for Travel Grants CLOSED!
  • No more funding
  • Deadline: February 26th
  • Operations Grants now OPEN!


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