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1/31/12 – SAC Governing Board Chair Report – Chair Barth

January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 29, 2012


Re: SACGB Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Met w/David Gardner re: SACGB leadership roles and board scope
  • Edited a drafted written agreement for CfLI that brings up proposal for office use each fall
  • Board decided to allocate CfLI office in 2012-13 allocation pool and to give space to CWC until end of current user agreement period (June 30, 2012)
    • Contacted CWC to allow for questions and communication regarding move
  • Met with floor manager to finalize budget for SACGB
  • Finalized all evaluations for office suites and have finalized suite interviews for the weekend (beginning Sunday, January 29)
  • Board decided to offer office #1 to Tenant Resource Center
    • Contacted TRC to offer office space and gave instructions regarding the move
  • Finalized coordinating the phone line swap with Amy Timm and physical plant for LIC new office space
  • Finalized all office space application paper cuts based on minimum criteria of CfLI registration and ten hours of proposed office use
    • Contacted all groups regarding denial
  • Contacted professors and updated database for class announcements for recruitment drive
  • Met with David Gardner to draft the SACGB portion of the semester plan to be released to press
  • Communicated with CfLI to set up a meeting to discuss the office move out and agreement of reevaluating space needs
  • Discussed Student Legal Services legislation with Coordinating Council, SSFC chair, and Rep. Kackar to defund this line in the internal budget but continue to formulate the board in order to evaluate structure options and costs
  • Met with Olivia Zale to discuss the intern project and when to meet with the board to get introduced
  • Planned weekly meetings with floor manager, Amy Timm and Lisa Aarli to plan for the entire semester
  • Met with Chair Gardner to debrief on SACGB plans and goals for spring semester and discuss leadership development and intern project plans


Goals for Next Week

  • Complete all office suite interviews and begin discussion to decide which groups would be best suited to obtain these office spaces
  • Meet with CfLI and other building staff to finalize terms on CfLI office move out and reevaluation process for the SACGB in the future
  • Meet with Kelly Krein and Lisa Aarli and Olivia Zale to discuss details, weekly goals, and semester goals for the intern project
  • Meet with possible student council members to discuss open seat on SACGB and get a member elected to the board
  • Meet with StudentPrint to discuss printer expansion options
  • Present final SACGB budget to board for approval


Committee Meetings and Attendance

  • Tuesday, January 24, 2012
    • Attendance: Falk, Barth, Timm, Aarli, Davis, Garry, Bruecker
    • Topics Discussed:
      • Office Space Applications and Evaluation Forms
      • SC position opening
      • Interview Schedule
      • Campus Women’s Center and Tenant Resource Center need for space
      • SACGB Budget


  • Sunday, January 29, 2012
    • Attendance: Deng, Aarli, Timm, Barth, Falk, Garry, Davis, Bruecker
    • Topics Discussed:
      • Interview Questions
      • Comments and note taking


External Meetings

  • Wednesday, January 25, 2012-Coordinating Council
    • Attendance: See Minutes
    • Topics Discussed:
      • Internal Budget
      • SC Agenda and legislation
      • Party Nuisance Bill


  • Thursday, January 26, 2012-  Amy Timm
    • Topics Discussed:
      • SACGB Budget- maintenance costs, custodial services and supplies, printing, and reserves


Relational Meetings

  • Thursday, January 26, 2012- David Gardner
    • Topics Discussed:
      • ASM Plan and SACGB Semester Goals
      • Leadership Development
      • Role of SC and Committees within ASM


  • Friday, January 27, 2012- Allie Gardner
    • Topics Discussed:
      • ASM Internal Budget
      • SACGB SC Position filling
      • Allocation Scheduling and Interviews
      • SACGB Intern Project


Office Hours:

Sunday 11am-1pm

Tuesday 12-2pm

Wednesday 4-6pm


Points for Press Office

  • Space allocation interviews begin this week
  • LIC has moved to office #3170 to an enclosed space



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