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1/31/12 – Chief of Staff Weekly Report – CoS D Gardner

January 31, 2012


11-28-11 – 12-5-11

David Gardner, ASM Chief of Staff


Re: Weekly Report


Office Hours for Subsequent Week

Wed Fri 1:00pm-2:00pm


Work Accomplished (Press Relations, Extension of Coordinating Council, Accountability and Transparency through Organization, Extension of the office of Chair of ASM)


–        Media Plan Implementation success

  • LTE regarding Transparency published
  • 2 LTEs regarding Student Workers Rights campaign published
  • First student org rap with WCSU planned
  • Nuisance Party Letter sent out and finalized efforts for future publicity
  • Coordinated LTEs in preparation for next week

–        Chair Reports compiled and posted on new website section and on server

–        Website resources updated

–        UC Convention logistics finalized – Financial Docs completed, recruitment coordinated, and reservations confirmed

–        Recruitment Drive – Visibility points presented and coordinated, flyer contracting completed

–        Most 1:1s with Chairs completed re Strategic Plan and Role of CoCo

–        Strategic Plan proposal presented – began compiling goals

–        Worked with new intern Caitlyn Phillips re Financial Opps Fair

–        Most 1:1s with Press Liaisons completed – 3 positions offered, 2 accepted, more to come (SG, University, Leg; Leg not accepted)

–        Coordinated Media efforts for upcoming Press Conference with Chair Gardner and POB Director Afolayan

–        Met with and guided new Press Liaisons in position


Goals for Next Week

–        Ensure UC all logistics completed re Hotel/Van after reception of final attendee list

–        Meet with and prepare Press Liaisons to guide them through the start of the position

  • Particularly with Anatoliy, SGC Member, to discuss Educational Innovation possibilities

–        Finalize Strategic Plan for release this or next week, upon reception of all Chair feedback

–        Continue regular Chair meetings to check in on projects and offer support and CoCo coordination

–        Successful printing of several LTEs regarding committee work, at least 2 throughout the week

  • ABTS Priorities
  • Post-Workers rights camp
  • University Affairs?

–        Support Chair Gardner during SC meeting and for prep especially re: press conference



Committee Meetings


None Held


External Meetings


1/23 Lisa Aarli – re: work with press and semester goals


1/23 SSFC – re: ASM Internal Budget


1/23 Allie – re: pre week check in


1/23 Recruitment Drive Check in


1/24 Caitlyn Phillips and Stephanie Thompson with UW Credit Union re: Fin Ops and VITA contact


1/24 Lisa Aarli – re: press accomplishments and goals for this week


1/24 University Affairs – re: press liaison role


1/24 Finance Committee – re: press role


1/24 SACGB – re: press role


1/25 Recruitment Drive Training


1/25 Coordinating Council – re: press role and Strategic Plan


1/27 Meeting with Hannah re: Press role


1/27 Meeting with Allie re: debrief on week




Relational Meetings


1/23 Corin Menuge – re: role in ASM/Press Liaison position


1/23 Caitlyn Phillips – re: role in ASM/Fin Ops


1/25 Meeting with Kara Coates – role in ASM/Strategic Plan/press


1/26 Meeting with Brianna Barth – re: SACGB/Strategic Plan/press


1/26 Meeting with Beth Huang – re: press role in SGC and Strategic Plan


1/27 Meeting with Anatoliy re: Press Liaison role in SGC


1/27 Meeting with Mia Akers re: Outreach Hours


1/27 Meeting with Kate Fifield re: Strategic Plan


1/27 Meeting with Rachel Lepak re: Press Liaison


1/27 Meeting with Lauren (Student Print) re: poster marketing for RD




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