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1/31/12 – ASM Chair Report – Chair A. Gardner

February 1, 2012

1-23-2012 – 1-30-2012

Re: Chair Report


Work Accomplished

  • Final presentation of ASM Internal budget to SSFC
  • Prep for university governance meeting
  • Finalizing university governance ad hoc committee report with Nicholas Brigham Schmuhl and Claire Lynch
  • Prepping for student task force on UW Restructuring and reaching out to all UW schools with Libby Wick-Bander
  • Setting up UW-Madison governance group with VC Bazzell to give recommendations to the task force on UW Restructuring
  • Semester planning and campaign priority planning for semester
  • Continuing follow up with Chairs on semester plans


Committee Meetings and Attendance

Monday, 1-23:

  • SSFC (presentation of internal budget)

Tuesday, 1-24:

  • Student Transportation Board

Wednesday, 1-25

  • Coordinating Council (review of SC agenda, endorsement of nuisance party legislation letter, discussion of ASM Strategic Plan)
  • Recruitment drive training

Thursday, 1-26:

  • SSFC (decision of internal budget)


External Meetings

Monday, 1-23:

  • Corin (University Affairs) and David Gardner (press liaison, Financial Opps. Fair)
  • Lisa Aarli (prep for Coord. Council)
  • MEChA members (upcoming meeting and space counselor)
  • Brad Barham, Heather Daniels (agenda for University Governance meeting)

Tuesday, 1-24:

  • University Governance ad hoc committee
  • Student Task Force on UW Restructuring

Wednesday, 1-25:

  • ASM Staff (semester planning)

Thursday, 1-26:

  • Damon Terrell – Leg. Affairs Chair for UC (legislative priorities and upcoming events)
  • Kickoff team – further planning and discussion of logistics for kickoff/town hall event

Friday, 1-27:

  • Darrell Bazzell (study employee skill development initiative, task force)
  • Brianna Barth (semester plan, intern projects)
  • Ade Afolayan and David Gardner (press packet, prep for press conference)

Saturday, 1-28:

  • Claire Lynch (transition)
  • ASM Student Worker’s Rights campaign kickoff

Monday, 1-30:

  • ASM Staff and Zachary Dequattro (staff evaluations)
  • N. Feinstein (faculty senate)
  • Chancellor Ward, VC Bazzell, Lori Berquam (campus transportation program)
  • SGC members (Educational Innovation)


Office Hours




Wed. (2/1): 10am-1pm, 4pm-5:30pm

Fri. (2/3): 11am-4pm

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