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Bio: Hannah Somers

February 8, 2012

Hannah Somers


Name: Hannah Somers

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Scandinavian Studies and Political Science

Involvement in ASM: Legislative Affairs Committee Chair, Shared Governance Appointee (Misconduct Panels, Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse UW-System Committee, Wisconsin Experience Grant Committee), L&S Student Council Representative

Reason for getting involved with ASM: Wanted to learn more about the university and campus and how I could make a difference. Particularly, I wanted to learn about the relationship between the city and state governments and student life and how students can make a difference there.

Main goals and plans for Spring semester with Leg. Affairs committee and your work with ASM:

1. Make sure that the Mifflin Street Block Party happens successfully through a joint effort between students, Mifflin residents, the Mayor and his staff, and Madison Police.

2. Hold a statewide lobby day at the capitol to lobby on the UW Restructuring Task Force, tuition, and the budget lapses with high participation from UW-Madison students.

3. Introduce and pass a Responsible Action / Medical Amnesty proposal at the state capitol

4. Register students to vote and provide information about the new Voter ID laws through the Madison Student Vote Coalition

Favorite thing about Madison: The view from Bascom

Favorite Artist/Band: Everything and anything!

What you did last summer: Interned for the United Steel Workers in their legal department

Random fact about yourself: I love chocolate milk

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