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Welcoming New Leaders

February 8, 2012

This past Wednesday, ASM held their first Student Council of the Spring semester.  The room was full, the air grew stuffy, and there definitely wasn’t an uninteresting moment.

Starting off the night was open forum with a long list of students wishing to speak to their representatives. Notably, members of MCSC came to speak with a spirited and passionate appeal for Student Council members to assist them in their continuing goals of receiving funding and support from SSFC.

Freshman Representative Mia Akers also proposed and talked about a piece of legislation that would be introduced to council where 2 of the monthly office hours that council members are required to hold, would be changed to be 2 monthly hours of outreach. This would help bring ASM’s presence to organizations and students and help promote the great services and resources the organization offers the school, as well as hearing directly from students as to what should be worked on during the semester.

After open forum, the awaited elections of new leadership was brought to the floor, first with election for the Shared Governance Chair. After a handful of nominations, majorly turned down respectably by representatives, Rep. Beth Huang was nominated, spoke about her work and goals for Shared Governance, and was eventually voted back into a leadership position of ASM.

Following open forum, an exciting development took place and everyone in the room who wanted to be, was deputized to register people to vote. Having more students and members of the University with great access to fellow students will be a great benefit in the push for voter registration, especially with the complications of the new Voter ID law. So far, ASM has almost registered 200 people to vote and the numbers will continue growing. (Voting plug: GO GET REGISTERED, aka find an ASM representative!)

Next was the highly anticipated ASM Vice Chair election. With a few representatives setting out to be major contenders, a round of nominations led to Rep. Andrew Bulovsky and Rep. Libby Wick-Bander being the two in the running. Many questions were fielded towards the candidates, and both touched on their goals, both ultimately the same of ensuring their commitment to the progress of students and fighting for their needs and rights. Other council members debated and threw their support behind candidates of their choice, and after a paper vote with the tension being palpable, it was announced that our new ASM Vice Chair for Spring of 2012 is Andrew Bulovsky.

Council meetings this semester will be happening every other week, alternating with Coordinating Council meetings on the off weeks. Chair Allie Gardner, says that it seems to be productive and drawing in participation from those who normally wouldn’t have been able to attend CoCo meetings in the past. She also thinks that by having more time for representatives to work on things between meetings will lead to more productive and beneficial efforts by leadership.

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