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Bio: Kathryn Fifield

February 13, 2012

Name: Kathryn Fifield
Year in School:   Senior (4th)
Major:  Economics, International Studies, Political Science

Involvement in ASM:  I served as an Associate Justice on the Court from Fall 2009 until Spring 2010. I was elected Chief Justice in April of 2010.

Reason for getting involved with ASM:
I participated in a program called Youth in Government (YIG) where I served as an attorney and a justice in a mock court. I saw a flyer in my dorm calling for applications for student justices and, thinking it would be the same as YIG, I applied. Little did I know…

But seriously… I love my job. As an aspiring jurist, having the opportunity to work with free speech doctrines handed down by the US Supreme Court is a rare privilege. ASM is unique in the sense that many of its responsibilities are guaranteed by law, which means that the judicial branch has a very important role to play in ensuring student rights. I feel very lucky to be a part of that.

Main goals and plans for Spring semester with ASM and your projects:
As this is my last semester on the Court, I’ll be working with the justices on the “intangibles.” That is, we’ll be talking a lot about what our organizational philosophy is, why what we do is important, etc. We’ll also be working to clean up our bylaws and rules of procedure so that we can be more efficient. I’ll also be working with the Student Judiciary Outreach Consultant to make the Court more accessible to students.

Favorite thing about Madison:
Capitol Square. I think it’s pretty remarkable that the seat of governance is also the community gathering place in Madison. There’s also nothing quite like sitting on the top of Bascom Hill on a warm Friday night in the summer. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

Favorite Animal: Puppies

What you did last summer:
I worked at L’Etoile restaurant on the Square, spent some time with my family in Duluth, MN, and also hung out in Colorado Springs, CO with my boyfriend and his family

Random fact about yourself:
One summer I helped build a house for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition


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