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Bio: Maria Giannapolous

February 17, 2012

Name: Maria Giannopoulos
Year in School: Freshman 2015
Major: Political Science and Communications

Involvement in ASM: Freshmen Representative to Student Council, Legislative Affairs Committee, Recruitment Drive Tabling Chair

Reason for getting involved with ASM: I have always had a hand in student government since fourth grade. I also think that representing student’s voices is my duty as an informed student

Main goals and plans for Spring semester with ASM and your projects: During the spring semester my main goals are to help with student input within housing endeavors and to increase housing visablity on campus. My other major project this semester is working with the city and the Mifflin Neighborhood Association to make sure that Mifflin is a successful event this year, and that it actually occurs, despite the mayor’s views.

Favorite thing about Madison: My favorite thing about Madison is the Capitol. I think it is gorgeous and I just love looking out the window at it and going down and seeing all of the political happenings

Favorite Food: Green Peppers and Ranch

What you did last summer: I prepared for college life by hanging out with all of my high school friends for one last summer together.

Random fact about yourself: I lead a really organized professional and school life, but when it comes to my room I am really messy.


Follow Maria on twitter: @GreekMaria

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