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Dear Students, A Letter From Dean Berquam and ASM Leadership

February 17, 2012

Dear Students,

The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a long tradition of encouraging students to be active and engaged citizens. Voting is a primary way to engage in our democracy. At the beginning of this year, voting laws regarding how you cast a ballot in Wisconsin changed.

In 2011, Wisconsin’s legislature passed a law requiring voters show a photo ID before voting. Through the work of many campus partners, we are happy to say that the university is providing voter IDs to students at no charge.

Not all students will need a voter ID, but any student may get one at the Wiscard office in Union South during normal business hours. A current Wiscard is all that’s needed to receive the card. Note that this new ID can’t be used for any purpose other than voting. As an alternative, if you have an unexpired Wisconsin driver’s license – even if it does not have your current address – you can use it as proof of identification at the polling place.

Furthermore, students using the UW-Madison voter ID card will also need to show poll workers proof they are a currently registered student. You can obtain a Voter Enrollment Verification Letter by visiting the Student Center page through the MyUW Web site, <>. Before you do so, make sure that your address is up-to-date in the Student Center because that address will be printed on your verification letter. The location at which you are able to vote depends on this address. More information about voting this spring, including polling locations and voting registration information, is available at <>.

We are proud to distribute a student-led video with more information about the process of obtaining a voter ID. This video is available at – take a minute to watch it!

The next election in Wisconsin is February 21. There is also a statewide election set for April 3, when UW-Madison students will be off for Spring Break. Who or what you vote for is up to you. We encourage you to become informed on the issues and express your opinion by casting a ballot if you are eligible to do so. The university has taken the steps to make voting as easy as possible – now it’s up to you to follow through!

On, Wisconsin!

Lori M. Berquam
Dean of Students
Division of Student Life

Hannah Somers
Legislative Affairs Chair
Associated Students of Madison
Madison Student Vote Coalition

Allie Gardner
Chair, Associated Students of Madison

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