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In case you missed it: ASM’s Concrete Goals

February 20, 2012

Over the past few weeks, Chief of Staff David Gardner has been working hard on crafting the goals of the semester for ASM’s committees.  These goals are tangible, reachable and something that the organization can be held accountable to.

Taken from the Letter to the Editor to the Badger Herald submitted by CoS Gardner, Chair Allie Gardner and Vice Chair Andrew Bulovsky:


ASM leaders on the Coordinating Council, the organized group of all ASM committee chairs, have created a Strategic Plan to monitor the success of ASM and advance the rights of students. We share these goals with you in an effort to engage you in the work of positively impacting the lives of all 42,000 University of Wisconsin students and to help you hold ASM accountable to these goals.

The work of ASM committees is central to the success of the student goals. Issues like student employee rights, college affordability and voting rights are ingrained in the day to day work of committees. When our grassroots campaign members (that is, all of you) work toward the success of a shared vision, we all succeed.

ASM’s goals cover a wide scope, but have two important elements. The strategic plan explicitly illustrates how the goals of the plan will impact a large number of our student body. Internal changes are valuable in their place, but we value most our actions that reach students directly, especially those not actively working with ASM. Secondly, these goals are not created in an effort to be easy to achieve. We are not creating a checklist, but a long-term vision that will shape students’ lives for years to come. The goals are detailed below, and a full document can be found on our website or in the ASM office.

Coordinating Council: Register at least 500 new student voters on campus through recruiting across all Coordinating Council Committees and Campaigns

ASM Chair Allie Gardner: Organize a forum on student employee rights and allow student voices to be heard about working conditions on campus. Utilize the forum to aid in ASM better representing student employee issues.

Diversity Committee Chair Niko Magallón: Restore bylaw mandated community Liaisons as Ex-Officio members of the ASM Student Council.

Finance Committee Chair Kara Coates: Complete the revised evaluation process to address what student organizations expect and need of Finance Committee in revamping its policies and procedures.

Legislative Affairs Committee Chair Hannah Somers: Hold the first statewide Lobby Day with UW students from across Wisconsin at the State Capitol.

Nominations Board Chair Zach DeQuattro: Complete a guide to set the standard for procedure and ease transition, as well as to improve outreach efforts by future Chairs to ensure the appointment of the most qualified student leaders.

SAC Governing Board Chair Brianna Barth: Complete all space allocations with an emphasis on efficiency and utilization of available resources to ensure student groups have the most working space possible, distributed in the maximum efficiency despite the limited resources available to students.

Shared Governance Committee Chair Beth Huang: Create an online poll system that reaches a wider range of the student body to develop more support and student opinion for what members of Shared Governance Committees say and do in meetings in order to best advance the power students have as representatives of the student body on Shared Governance Committees.

Student Judiciary Chief Justice Katie Fifield: Create a ‘Chief Justice Book’ that will guide future Chief Justices in effectively running Student Judiciary according to its role and purpose, as well as to outline the role of the Outreach Consultant more effectively as a person who can provide resources to the greater campus community.

University Affairs Committee Chair Sade Johnson: Collect at least 500 responses on “Feedback Friday” of Financial Opportunities Week as a measure of student participation, and to improve future Financial Opportunities Fairs’ effectiveness in offering students with resources that make college more affordable.

To provide feedback on any of your ASM goals or to get involved in achieving them visit the ASM website at or stop by the ASM office on the fourth floor of the Student Activity Center (Room 4301).

David Gardner ( is Chief of Staff for the Associated Students of Madison.

Allie Gardner ( is Chair of the Associated Students of Madison.

Andrew Bulovsky ( is Vice Chair of the Associated Students of Madison.

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