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Student Council Agenda Explainer

February 29, 2012

Tonight on the agenda are multiple issues that are of student interest, so below is the agenda explainer that is handed out at the student council meetings to those in attendance to further explain items as they will be discussed by representatives.

Introduction of New Legislation:

a.       Mandated Outreach Hours

Originally proposed by Freshman Representative Mia Akers, Mandated Outreach hours are a means to significantly improve the contact representatives on ASM Student Council have with their constituents. Representatives are currently required to complete four Office Hours per month, and the new legislation would mandate a combination of two office hours at a location of the representatives’ choice, as well as two outreach hours. A list of student organization and dorm meetings will be compiled to allow representatives to cover a range of students. At these meetings, representatives will have an opportunity to speak about ASM’s projects, and also to gather input about ASM projects and initiatives, to ensure successful conversation with constituents.

Old Business

a.       18-1130-07 Campus Services Process

The Campus Services Process is a means by which students will have access to services that are deemed necessary, and creates a process that maximizes the efficiency of these services. In this version of the legislation, Student Council now has final approval over the process the Procurement Board selects to implement services on campus.

Other Committee Updates:

University Affairs – ASM University Affairs successfully held the first Financial Opportunities Fair on Monday the 27th. The collaboration at this event is a sign of the definite desire on campus for increased financial resources on campus. The event was successful in the multitude of resources it provided for students, and University Affairs Committee will be hard at work to ensure its continued success in the coming years.

Legislative Affairs – Legislative Affairs Committee is hard at work ensuring a successful turnout to Lobby Day next Tuesday, March 6th. United Council, the statewide student association, and the Associated Students of Madison are orchestrating this event which will bring together students from across the UW System to lobby legislators on student rights, affordable tuition, and appropriate state funding for the UW.

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