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March 6, 2012

Fall Break

Last week the University Affairs Committee met with the TAA to ask for their endorsement on fall break. The committee has decided to change the name from fall break to fall/reading break. After hearing back from the TAA later this week or next week we will then be presenting to Student Council. The next steps after that will be to gain as much support from Faculty, Academic Staff and the Deans before going to the Faculty to Senate for approval.

Financial Opportunities Fair/Week

Last week, the University Affairs committee held their first ever Financial Opportunities Fair. Overall the Fair was extremely successful! Irregardless to the amount of attendees that came, the outcome was more than hoped. After the fair, the committee got the attention of officials in the Financial Aid Office and they are interested in possibly institutionalizing the Financial Opportunities Fair, so it would be annual and with a wider support base. A survey is being drafted that will aim to help facilitate the Financial Aid Office in any way possible.


The Student Health Insurance Initiative (SHII) working group has recently come out of its planning/brainstorming phase. The group has come up with 1 short term and 2 long term goals to achieve for this semester. The short term goal, which should be achievable within a few weeks, is recruitment. The hope for a final working group size would be five to six people, which is double the occupancy we have now. The first long term goal the committee has set for themselves is a web link that summarizes and centralizes health care and health insurance information in an easily navigable outlay. This web link is already being stocked with information by student council representative Richard Rolland and should be up and running within the next month or so. Their second long term goal is an emergency contact card program, which will either be run hand in hand with the WisCard dept. or be passed out with the bus passes. The Emergency Contact Card (ECC) program is still in it’s infancy, and once the recruitment has increased, the ball will really get rolling. In the meantime committee member Corin Menuge is spear heading the ECC and gathering preliminary data to evaluate the programs feasibility. If there are any questions or concerns for SHII please e-mail us at

UHS/Health Care

This coming week, the University Affairs committee is meeting with student health care and pre-professional organizations on campus to make a more unified partnership and awareness. These student orgs include both HOSA and BVA. Committee members have also contacted Tom Sieger, a member of the UHS leadership team, to help plan out and discuss future ideas to improve UHS and health care, such as: creating a comments/questions/concerns box on every floor of 333 East Campus Mall, creating a brochure of all of UHS’s services to be distributed within the dorms, and creating a patient feedback form after each appointment or visit.


University Affairs Committee meetings are every Tuesday at 5:30pm in room 3118 of the SAC.  Anyone is welcome and encouraged to come and help the committee with these topics and others that greatly affect students across the campus and their college experience. Contact Chair Sade Johnson ( with any further questions.

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