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Student Lobby Day, Today!

March 6, 2012

Today (March 6) is Lobby Day. The event will be based in the North Hearing Room in the Capital, with student lobbyists there from 8 AM to 5 PM. At 9:30 AM students will be briefed on issues to prepare for lobbying.

The main issues to be lobbied tomorrow are Wisconsin higher education grants, financial aid, and budget cuts in addition to other areas related to the rising cost of higher education in Wisconsin. Students from throughout the UW system will be speaking about these issues, and participants will meet with legislators to lobby in favor of maintaining the quality of higher education in Wisconsin.

It is important for as many students to get involved as possible, for without active participation the collective student voice will not receive the attention it deserves. For students who cannot make it to the briefing at 9:30, The Legislative Affairs Committee encourages people to come to the North Hearing Room any time before 2:30 PM to participate in the event.

Check out this article in the Badger Herald for more details about the student’s preparations for today’s activities here.

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