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Mifflin Update: Themes, Student Involvement and Finding a Sponsor

March 14, 2012

Last night, an information session was held about the changes that will be in place at Mifflin 2012, as well as to engage students in the discussion about the block party this year.  Overall, with student engagement in the process, it is a reflection to the city that students care and are committed to keeping the tradition happening, as well as increasing our safety and overall great experience.

Read this article “Mifflin themes introduced to show students’ responsibility, active roles” from today’s Badger Herald for a full recap of the meeting.

In regards to questions that have arisen about guests being restricted from coming to Mifflin unless they are UW Madison or MATC students, is not true.

“We’re not restricting anyone from entering,” Giannopoulos said. “It’s not just solely for UW students, it’s everybody. We’re not blockading anything, putting up checkpoints or making anyone pay.”


Overall, students leading the meeting stressed the fact that the introduction of themes, which will show student engagement and promote a positive image, will not impact your Mifflin experience.

“[Student Council Representative] Maria Giannopoulos also stressed the importance of educating students on the importance of promoting safety at the 2012 party and its implications for the future of the event.”


So, fellow students of Madison, stay engaged, stay mindful and stay tuned to hear everything as it develops for this year’s Mifflin Street Block Party!

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