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This Week in University Affairs

April 19, 2012

This week at University Affairs…


The Tuition Cap postcards are here! Under the leadership of Allison Berg, this project will be collecting postcards signed by students to be sent to state senators that will fight for a cap on the tuition rate increase. Allison is in the process of scheduling tabling events to get these cards signed by students, and the cards will likely also make an appearance at the upcoming Trillion Dollar Day event at Library Mall!

ASM’s student council is currently reviewing legislation that would set the proposed Reading Break for mid-fall in each academic year into motion. Danielle Gries, author of the piece of legislation, informed the committee that council will likely be holding a special meeting in the coming weeks to vote on this issue.

SHII (Student Health Insurance Initiative) is on the way to having a web-link available for students with information on health insurance coverage while in college, as well as distributing emergency contact cards for students to carry. Sophia Weerth recently met with Margaret Bergamini, ASM’s Bus Pass Coordinator, to discuss the possibility of distributing the proposed emergency contact cards in tandem with bus passes. Richard Rolland recently completed the final draft of SHII’s web-link, and this should go live for students in the near future!

Caitlyn Phillips, leader of the recent ASM Financial Opportunities Fair, met with Vice Provost Jeffrey Russell this past week to discuss the possibility of a partnership with the University to sustain this event in future years.

Doesn’t everyone want to get cheaper Textbooks? These are the exact thoughts running through the minds of Jake Esser and Kyle Williams, who are spearheading efforts to prepare postcards with tips on efficient textbook shopping that are planned to be distributed at the Trillion Dollar Day event at Library Mall!

The upcoming brochure on UHS for incoming Madison students is well under way, with survey results collected giving project leader Becca Buell insight into what information regarding UHS’ services will benefit students most. Becca will be the author of this brochure, and she will be presenting her first draft to the committee in the coming weeks!

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