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November 9, 2012

The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council passed the creation of a grassroots Sustainability Committee on Wednesday, November 7. This was the second and final vote that passed the creation of the committee.

The Sustainability Committee will focus on environmental issues and innovative energy conservation. They will work closely with registered student organizations that also work in campus sustainability, and other campaigns that are running. The UW-Madison Office of Sustainability has also indicated that it will collaborate with the Committee.

ASM Chair Andrew Bulovsky stated: “We are very excited to see the creation of a committee that will help enhance campus sustainability and move it forward. This is an issue that many students are passionate about, and I’m sure that Sustainability Committee will provide a forum for students to advocate for campus sustainability alongside ASM.”

Former Student Council Representative Colin Higgins stated “I am so happy that we will be collaborating with groups that have established a need work on Sustainability. I look forward to the campaigns the Committee will work on.”

Information regarding the meeting time and place for the committee will be released with the Agenda. Press Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner at 952-356-5807.

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