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November 9, 2012

The Associated Students of Madison Student Council voted to pass the Internal Budget on Wednesday, November 7, 2012. The Budget affirmed the creation of “Varsity Day” as well as a committee to oversee the event’s allocations. As well, Council increased grassroots committee funding, advertising for nominated positions within ASM, and the “Support for Students with Disabilities” fund.

Varsity Day is an event created in the interest of the students to ensure that a high profile speaker is brought to campus to celebrate the accomplishments, achievements, and hard work put in by every UW- Madison student. The committee created to oversee Varsity Day will work to dispense funds accurately while soliciting additional student input.

ASM Chair Andrew Bulovsky stated: “We are proud to say that this is an event proposed by students, for students, and will be a profound benefit to our campus. Varsity Day gives the student body another opportunity to contribute to the direction of the University, and will make our university more prestigious among its peers.”

In Grassroots Committees, Diversity and Sustainability Committees as well as Legislative and University affairs programming have each been increased to $500, with the “General Programming” line being zero-funded. Press Office Director David Gardner proposed the amendment, stating “This funding will benefit students overwhelmingly, and allow us to run campaigns that make real positive changes on campus.”

Gardner also increased funding for ‘Support for Students with Disabilities’ by $5,000, which will be used in collaboration with the McBurney Disabilities Center to assist students involved outside the classroom.

Please direct inquiries to David Gardner at 952-356-5807.

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