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November 13, 2012

MADISON, WI – The Shared Governance Week of Action continued tonight as issues of campus transportation were discussed. Issues ranged from the changing bus routes to neighborhood safety. The transportation planning firm Nelson Nygard presented a slide show and fielded questions, comments and concerns from a diverse audience. Conversations often discussed how transportation could better serve campus and provide quicker way for students to get between classes and on campus residences.

ASM Shared Governance Chair Sam Seering said, “We are really happy to be able to organize a forum where we bring students, and community members together in an effort to give everyone the chance to voice his or her opinion. We thought that it was a very successful night from many standpoints. Everyone got to weigh in and talk about issues that are important to them.” According to ASM Press Office Director, “It was really nice to see a broad group of people come together and give their opinions about campus transportation. I think the Transportation officials in the room saw that students are concerned about Safety, and whether Transportation options will be available for them. This issue is very important to me, and I’m glad they are looking for student opinions.”

The Shared Governance Week of Action continues tomorrow night at 5:00 the Conference Room on the fourth floor of the SAC. There will be a forum on Academic Issues and Educational Innovation. Please direct any further inquiries to Jesse Pollans at 847-542-9892.

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