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November 13, 2012

MADISON, WI — Madison Metro, in collaboration with ASM, stated this week that they will be enforcing requirements for Wiscard identification when students ride busses starting this Monday. UW-Madison students who fail to present their IDs risk having their unlimited bus pass confiscated for suspected misuse.

Advertisements on secondary markets for the passes will cause Metro and its partners to enforce the rule that riders must carry their IDs when they use the passes. The advertisement was for the sale of a UW affiliated bus pass. It stated that the seller had not signed his bus pass, and that the buyer would never be asked for proof of identification. The 80-series circulators, which do not require a fare or pass to board will not require IDs.

Associated Students of Madison Press Office Director David Gardner stated: “We are very worried about issues arising when students are unaware of the change and have their passes confiscated. We will be working with Madison Metro to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our goal is to ease the transition in enforcement for students, so we can both protect the integrity of the segregated fees students pay on campus, as well as prevent students from losing their passes altogether. We highly encourage students to contact us if issues arise and their passes are confiscated, so we can investigate the issue.”

Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner at 952-356-5807. If your pass has been confiscated and you have concerns contact Margaret Bergamini at 608-263-3950 or

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