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November 14, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s University Affairs Committee held a meeting tonight that addressed the Cell Phone campaign, set to increase access to reception on campus, especially during Badger games. Leading the discussion was Freshman Student Council Representative Callen Raveret.

The initial focus of the campaign is to increase cell phone service availability in all areas of campus.  Many buildings have been built in a way that prohibits the transmission of frequencies with cellular devices, discouraging students from being present in these areas. Representative Raveret is working with ASM to target carriers to better serve the students’ needs at UW- Madison. ‘Phase 1’ of the campaign has been completed. This phase focused on making sure students were able to have street level reception on campus.

While the campaign is still in the planning stages, the current focus is to increase student input on problem areas on campus.  Representative Raveret stated: “Whether it is a particular building or external area, cell phone service should be available for all students at any time. Many buildings will eventually need to be re-wired in an effort to allow for effective and accurate communication. To ensure the safety of the student body and campus in general, ASM needs to lobby for these changes.”

Representative Raveret continued: “Moving forward I want to collect more information from cell phone carriers as well as increase student awareness and support.” The Committee will provide updates on the campaign at its meeting on Wednesday the 28th at 5pm in SAC 3161.

Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner.

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