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November 14, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison brought in guest speakers to discuss Educational Innovation and Academic Issues on Wednesday, November 13, as part of Shared Governance Committee’s Week of Action. The conversation focused on Academic Advising, and the potential alternative to the grading system at UW-Madison.

Advising concerns that were raised included: Requests for more collaboration between colleges’ advising programs, both during SOAR and further into students’ college careers. Also, concerns regarding the actual content of an advising session was discussed. Many students are concerned that they’re not being advised to their expectations. Facilitating more of a discussion between students and advisors, offering a course specifically for advising, and offering a general advisor that is assigned for a student for their first year, were all discussed.

Educational Innovation conversation covered altering the current grading system, adapting online courses to accommodate more off-campus students, and the adaption of traditional education while maintaining the traditional Wisconsin Idea.

Shared Governance Chair Samuel Seering stated: “I’m very pleased with the discussion that developed tonight regarding Educational Innovation and Academic Issues. We have hundreds of students working on Academic advising and advocating for students. I think our representatives can take discussion from this forum back to the committees that they sit on, and help work toward improving the issues brought up.”

Shared Governance Week of Action has a final event tomorrow night at 5PM concerning Tuition and Fees Policy at Memorial Union in Inn Wisconsin East on the second floor. Direct Media Inquiries to David Gardner at 952-356-5807.

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