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November 26, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Finance Committee voted and approved the Working Class Student Union and ASM Internal Budgets tonight. Varsity Day was upheld by SSFC at the level of $60,000.

Members of SSFC voted to increase funding for the Finance Director in the Working Class Student Union up to 12 hours a week for the summer position.  This position allows for the organization to better organize and facilitate activities within the means of the salaried positions.

Also voted on at the meeting was the ASM Internal Budget. Members of SSFC came to an agreement on the funding after heavy compromise. This budget was voted on after careful consideration of each line item.

The first compromise was to decrease chair trainings by $500. Student Council trainings were decreased by $550, and General Trainings were reduced to $550. Funding for Students with Disabilities was decreased by $6,000 after conversation to determine if additional funding is needed after a year of allocating funds to this for the first time. Staff Trainings were also decreased by $2,000.

Travel grants were decreased by $20,000, and event grants were decreased by $15,000 for the 2014 Fiscal year, and Operations Grants were increased to $180,000, to allow groups more flexibility. Also, ASM Town Halls and a single ASM Press Office Assistant Director position will be cut. Lastly, the Intern Orientation was decreased by $500.

The budget was agreed upon at an end amount of $1,194,662.36.  SSFC Chair Ellie Bruecker stated, “The SSFC reached a compromise on the budget after careful consideration. I believe the committee did its best in ensuring the budget was responsible and fully considerate of the need of ASM.”

Inquiries should be directed to Press Office Director David Gardner at 952-356-5807.

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