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November 29, 2012

MADISON, WI – The Associated Students of Madison along with the groups “Active Minds”, “Ask, Listen, Save”, “UHS” and “NAMI” are hosting a Mental Health Coalition Fair in an effort to reduce stress on campus before finals. The fair will be held on Tuesday December 4th from 4-8 PM in the Education Commons of the Education Building.

Heading the Mental Health Campaign is Kayla Cleave. “Everybody gets stressed out from time to time and this coalition is a great way for students to relieve some of that. There will be food, carnival style booths, interactive activities, massage chairs and educational resources for students worried about stress.” University Affairs Chair Becca Buell stated: “ASM is working to ensure students can come together and talk about reducing stress in their lives and also get some relief, right around a tough time for students. This is going to be a very productive day, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

The event will provide food, activities, and resources to give students an outlet to actively decrease stress before the start of finals week. It is a collaborative effort between UHS, and many other groups, and has been in development throughout the Fall Semester.

More details about the fair will be released on the ASM Facebook page ( Please direct all question to Jesse Pollans at 847-542-9892.

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