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December 6, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Finance Committee Thursday night approved the budgets for SPILL, and the Multicultural Student Coalition. SPILL was approved for a budget of $41,025.90 and MCSC was tabled to the following meeting, which will take place on Monday December 3rd.

A sunset clause was added into SPILL’s budget for a salary position due to a potential software purchase. If the software is obtained, the VP position payment would be reduced by half. The software will ensure confidentiality of responses for students seeking communication with other students about their problems.

Much of the discussion focused on MCSC’s budget, as there was a significant difference from the original proposed amount of $1,450,899.68. Most lines were cut moderately to accumulate a decrease in the overall budget. Large decreases came from honoraria for speakers in the professional training line, and some positions were cut partially. As well, Food and Beverages were mostly removed from the budget, as it is consistent with SSFC’s effort to not fund food and beverages for groups this year.

SSFC Chair Ellie Bruecker stated about both budgets: “I’m very happy with SSFC’s ability to maintain viewpoint neutrality and produce a budget that will provide a service to campus in an incredibly efficient way. SSFC this session has done an amazing job of being responsible with students’ money, and these budgets are no exception. I look forward to a constructive discussion about MCSC’s budget on Monday, in which we can clarify parts of the budget, and certain funding criteria.”

Press Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner at 952-­‐356-­‐5807.

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