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December 6, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council met on Wednesday, December 5th for their last weekly meeting of the Fall Semester. At this meeting, Student Council elected a new Chair for Sustainability Committee as well as Shared Governance Committee.

Colin Higgins was elected to the position of Chair-­‐Elect of the newly established Sustainability Committee by a unanimous vote. Colin Higgins was a Freshman Representative for the 2011-­‐2012 year, and dedicated himself to the creation of a Sustainability Grassroots Committee to become a branch of ASM. This year, in early November, Student Council created Sustainability Committee, and they held their first unofficial meeting today at 4:30pm. Colin discussed the campaigns that were proposed in the first meeting of Sustainability Committee, and the need for developing a focus of the campaign.

Brittany Moes was elected to the position of Chair of Shared Governance Committee, in an election with Sundar Sharma. Brittney Moes is currently the Vice Chair of Diversity Committee, and is in her first year sitting on the Campus and Diversity Climate Committee within Shared Governance Committee. Moes has been meeting with current Chair, Sam Seering, as well as attending meetings with University faculty and staff this semester. Britt stated: “We need to communicate with other bodies of Shared Governance, and I’m dedicated to seeing that happen next semester. The Diversity Plan will be one of my top priorities and we will ensure students voices are heard in formulation of the plan.”

The Chair-­Elects will hold their first meeting as Chair of their respective committees in the Spring Semester.

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