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December 6, 2012

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council voted unanimously to support ASM’s official stance on three pieces of campaigned legislation put forth by ASM’s Legislative Affairs Committee on Wednesday, December 5. These three campaigns include the Student Regent Campaign, the Responsible Action Campaign, and the Bus Live-­‐Arrival Kiosks Campaign.

The Student Regent Campaign is constructed to change the wording in state law regarding electing Student Regents to the Board of Regents. This legislation would change wording from ‘students may’ to ‘students shall’ giving students the right to assist in the selection of the Student Regents to represent all students in the UW-­System, whom are currently selected by the Governor.

The Responsible Action Campaign is constructed to take the Campus policy regarding reporting dangerous alcohol use to the State level with some changes to further protect students from being reprimanded by the law, or University Housing. This legislation would allow an intoxicated minor to call 911 to report a dangerously intoxicated individual and prevent both individuals from being fined or reprimanded by the University, and by the State. By taking the policy to the State level, individuals would be able to contact an emergency official who is not only a part of Campus security, but also City security, and State security, as opposed to the current policy which only extends to Campus officials.

The Bus Live-­Arrival Kiosks Campaign is a joint effort between ASM’s University Affairs Committee and Legislative Affairs. This campaign advocates for a live feed of bus locations and times to be placed in kiosks in convenient places on campus where students will be able to access them easily. This campaign is still in early stages of development, and will be formulated further in University Affairs and Legislative Affairs.

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