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***ASM Spring Semester Preview 2013***

January 23, 2013

A Special Letter from ASM Leadership and the Press Office Board to our Media Affiliates:


Dear Affiliates, Editors, Reporters, and leaders,


                     We wish you a warm welcome back to campus, and we hope you are returning well rested from the holidays, as well as finding a way to keep warm in this cold weather. All of us at ASM want to express our gratitude for a successful Fall Semester working with you and engaging our campus on student issues.


                     From our leadership to our volunteers, we would be unable to continue the work we do without your exceptional communication to the student body. We are proud of the privilege we have in being held accountable and reported on by such quality media outlets and journalists, and we want to take this time to thank you for this privilege. Each semester we have the opportunity to better ourselves through being critically examined, and we consider your work an essential part of our ability to succeed.


                     This spring semester, we look forward to continued excellence in journalism, and we hope to further develop our partnership so that together we can better our campus.




                     Andrew Bulovsky, ASM Chair                                    Maria Giannopoulos, ASM Vice Chair

                                                David K Gardner, ASM Press Office Director





A note regarding our work this semester:


We’re excited to continue the work we started, including:


  • Mental Health Campaign – (University Affairs)
    • We will further work with UHS, and the Mental Health Coalition in finding ways to reduce stress and educate campus on opportunities to seek mental health support. University Affairs Committee will explore ideas like the Fall mental health fair, and outreach campaigns to advance this work
    • Preferred Name Policy – (Diversity Committee)
      • Our collaboration with the Division of Student Life and the Dean of Students will continue in developing a policy that allows students to provide a preferred name to be used in the myUW system. This semester our work will expand with DoIT in developing a means to achieve this goal.
      • Diversity Plan – (Shared Governance Committee)
        • With Britt Moes as the new Shared Governance Chair, the Shared Governance Committee will continue work to advocate for the student body on the Diversity Plan, which should further be developed this spring.


We look forward to our new and recently developing work this spring:


  • State Budget Lobbying – (Legislative Affairs)
    • We will continue our student advocacy at the State level in lobbying for a budget that supports quality higher education, and the UW System. This will involve lobbying the Governor and State Legislature throughout the semester, and working to ensure student concerns are heard.



  • May 4th Event
    • We will work with our campus collaborators including the Wisconsin Union, on developing a spring event that will provide an opportunity for students to enjoy themselves before finals week.
    • Direct Campus Outreach Campaign – (Press Office Board)
      • The Press Office will work on a campaign to bring together campus leaders and groups and strategically reach out to campus in nontraditional ways. This will allow ASM to better understand and serve the student body. We expect more creative direct outreach measures to better work with students on campus.
      • Sustainability Committee
        • The new sustainability committee, under the leadership of Colin Higgins, will develop spring campaigns at its first few meetings. Potential campaigns could include collaboration with the Office of Sustainability to develop education about recycling initiatives on campus. 
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