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ASM Ad Hoc ‘Diversity Plan’ Committee Created

January 24, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Ad Hoc Diversity Plan Committee members were officially confirmed, creating the committee. The committee is comprised of 25 members, including Classified Staff, Academic Staff, Faculty, Students, and Community Members.


The Ad Hoc Diversity Plan Committee was created by ASM Student Council to aid in the formulation of the University ‘Diversity Plan’. The Diversity Plan will likely be released some time this spring. The committee is charged with advising and formulating the Diversity Plan.


The Classified Staff members are: Robert Anderson, Laderna Barnes, Nicholas A. Davis, Paula Gates, and Vanika Mock. The Academic Staff are: Ida Balderrama-Trudell, Rodney Horikawa, Erica Laughlin, Heather McFadden, and Lillian Tong. Faculty include: Larry Church, Joan Fugimora, Alberta Gloria, Ruth Litovsky, and Amuud Johnson. Graduate students include: Michael Jackson and Ryan Adserias. Undergraduate students include: Justin Bloesch, Haley Frieler, and Jincheng Huang.


The alternate member is Aliya Iftikhar, and five Community members are still to be determined.


Details on the meeting agenda and schedule will be released as it is created. Questions on the Committee or Shared Governance Initiatives should be directed to Britt Moes at

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