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January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Diversity Committee will be collaborating with the Wisconsin Union Directorate to hold an Ethnic Studies Roundtable Event on February 18that 7:00pm.  The event will take place in Union South, and the room location will be posted on the Today in the Union board.


An overview of the ethnic studies requirement and its history will be given to initiate the discussion. How and why the requirement came about, and other historical context issues will also be discussed. To follow will be an Open -Mic night to for stakeholders to share personal experiences or opinions on the requirement or ethnic studies in general. 


Dinner at the event will be provided by the Wisconsin Union. During dinner, ASM’s Diversity Committee will also distribute note cards to participants to write down their personal experiences and recommendations for the future of the Ethnic Studies Requirement. Diversity Committee will take these comments from this event and synthesize the comments received.  They will then be organized and typed up to give to the Student Ad Hoc Committee and Campus Diversity Plan Ad Hoc Committee to suggest for the Diversity Plan.  All students and campus stakeholders are invited to attend this roundtable event with questions, comments, or concerns in regards to the Ethnic Studies requirement at UW-Madison.


Anyone interested in participating in the brainstorming portion of the requirement revisions itself should contact ASM Diversity Chair Mia Akers ( 


Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner at 952-356-5807. 

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