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January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI – The ASM Sustainability Committee brainstormed potential campaigns for this spring semester, at its second committee meeting this year. The Committee, in its first meeting of the Semester, is recruiting for additional members from different groups on campus that work in sustainability issues. At a future meeting the Committee will vote on leadership and campaigns, which it will partner with campus stakeholders to work on .


One potential campaign is a recycling initiative that is student based, something that UW administration has been working on in the Office of Sustainability. ASM Sustainability Committee Chair Colin Higgins said, “We would like to see this committee help out with recycling here on campus. We are such a large community and can have a great impact in this area.” Higgins also said that the committee would be interested in working on a project to educate students about energy use and also collaborate with other student organizations on campus.


The committee has also previously discussed auditing energy and water use on campus to call attention to potential areas for improvement in sustainable options.


The Sustainability Committee will meet next Tuesday in room 3155 of the SAC. Please direct all further questions to Jesse Pollans at 847-542-9892.



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