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February 8, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council met on Wednesday, February 6 to discuss an ASM Bylaw update to match the Board of Regents’ current policy on the Mandatory Refundable Fee for United Council, as well as the introduction of a new ASM Constitution. Student Council voted against the Bylaw update and in favor of the new Constitution, which will be voted on for a second time at the next meeting.


The United Council Bylaw update would have changed the current ASM Bylaws to match the Board of Regents’ current policy on the Mandatory Refundable Fee (MRF) for United Council (UC). The current policy requires ASM to hold a referendum biyearly to decide whether or not to continue allowing the MRF of three dollars.


Chair Sean McNally introduced a new Constitution to the ASM Student Council. The new ASM Constitution proposed a Legislative Branch with a Student Senate, President’s Council, and grassroots, a Judicial Branch similar to the pre-existing one, and an Executive Branch including a President and Vice President. As well, the Constitution would consolidate appropriations to smooth the fund distribution process. This new legislation would be tailored towards ASM expanding outreach to campus and improving financial processes.


Representative McNally stated: “I was very excited to announce this step towards a more successful and communicative ASM, and I’m very happy that Student Council voted in favor of this legislation. I believe that with this new Constitution, ASM will be able to listen to the student voice more effectively, and work together with groups and stakeholders on campus to be more successful.”


Student Council will vote for a second and final time on the new Constitution at the meeting of Wednesday, February 13 at 6:30pm in the SAC Hearing Room.

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