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February 8, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Finance Committee Thursday night approved budget changes to the ASM Student Judiciary, and heard proposal from the Student Activity Center and Child Care Tuition Assistance Program.


The ASM Student Activity Center Governing Board proposed a $389,520 budget, which included improvements and alterations to the SAC. In response to the SAC rebranding project, Katie Cary, the current Chair of the SAC, is proposing to add TV/Projector areas in the SAC as a way to change the identity of the activity space as a collaborative atmosphere. The remodel is also set to convert small offices into medium offices, as groups have been demanding larger offices. As well, frosted windows and a PA System are in the proposal as safety initiatives.


The Student Judiciary demonstrated its need increased funds to the Student Election Commissioners and to keep the SEC Chair stipend at its current level. The budget was reconsidered to alter the previously approved version, which reduced the stipend of the SEC Chair by 50% and eliminated the Commissioner positions. These positions assist in planning and running elections for the Associated Students of Madison in the Spring and Fall semesters.


CCTAP’s budget was proposed at $1,046,100 and will be voted upon next week. The budget is a $1.75 increase per student from last year, to accommodate more students in the program and the addition of an ‘Infant Care Access’ line to provide additional accessibility resources for children in the program.

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