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June 21, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Wisconsin State Senate passed the State Biennial Budget on Friday, June 21 with no amendments. The following is a statement by The Associated Students of Madison’s Chair David Gardner:

“I’m disappointed that the Senate legislators did not amend the budget to unfreeze allocable segregated fees, and to reinstate the mandatory refundable fee (MRF) that supports and funds the United Council of UW Students. Both of these items explicitly undermine the power of shared governance given to students in state statute 36.09(5).

“By freezing allocable segregated fees, the legislature is forcing UW-System Student University Fee Allocation Committees (SUFACs) to reallocate to groups on a budget, which would be a process that would have clearly violated the standards set for viewpoint neutrality as outlined in US Supreme Court Case Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System v. Southworth. Additionally, this item in the budget takes away shared governance rights clearly given to students in 36.09(5), by taking away the student right to allocate segregated fees through SUFACs.

“The elimination of the mandatory refundable fee essentially eliminates the United Council of UW Student’s main source of income. The removal of UC eliminates the unified student voice that protects the interests of all students in the UW-System. Without that voice, students are left without the most important tool that we have when it comes to campaigning and lobbying for student rights and student interests.

“Basic student rights are under attack, and it is vital that Governor Walker line-item veto the allocable segregated fee freeze and the elimination of the mandatory refundable fee.”

Please direct all press inquiries to Grace Bolt at 763-291-2711


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