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February 8, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Legislative Affairs Committee hosted District 8 Alder Scott Resnick on Monday, February 4. Resnick is a Common Council Alder, and addressed concerns about campus safety and new housing developments.


Legislative Affairs Committee is working with the city in developing measures that will improve safety on campus. Particularly, the Committee has been talking with Alder Resnick about improving lighting on campus, and the group has done walkabouts to determine areas of campus with poor lighting.


The Committee also discussed housing initiatives, and lobbying for legislation that protects students from landlords that neglect city ordinances. Resnick discussed his work to push for laws that require building inspections and ensure security deposits are protected. In addition, the committee has worked with city officials in educating students on housing rights, including holding the Housing Fair, which provides students with housing opportunities and educates them about their rights as tenants.


Legislative Affairs also began assembling budget packets to send to 30 State Senators and Representatives addressing the state biennial budget, which will be announced by February 20, 2013. ASM is currently lobbying for a tuition cap, and increases in need-based financial aid, among other things. Students are writing personal letters to state legislators to provide a face, story, and practicality to the numbers the legislators already have.


The conversation will continue at Legislative Affairs’ next committee meeting Monday, February 11 at 7PM on the 4th floor Caucus Room of the SAC.



February 8, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Student Services Finance Committee Thursday night approved budget changes to the ASM Student Judiciary, and heard proposal from the Student Activity Center and Child Care Tuition Assistance Program.


The ASM Student Activity Center Governing Board proposed a $389,520 budget, which included improvements and alterations to the SAC. In response to the SAC rebranding project, Katie Cary, the current Chair of the SAC, is proposing to add TV/Projector areas in the SAC as a way to change the identity of the activity space as a collaborative atmosphere. The remodel is also set to convert small offices into medium offices, as groups have been demanding larger offices. As well, frosted windows and a PA System are in the proposal as safety initiatives.


The Student Judiciary demonstrated its need increased funds to the Student Election Commissioners and to keep the SEC Chair stipend at its current level. The budget was reconsidered to alter the previously approved version, which reduced the stipend of the SEC Chair by 50% and eliminated the Commissioner positions. These positions assist in planning and running elections for the Associated Students of Madison in the Spring and Fall semesters.


CCTAP’s budget was proposed at $1,046,100 and will be voted upon next week. The budget is a $1.75 increase per student from last year, to accommodate more students in the program and the addition of an ‘Infant Care Access’ line to provide additional accessibility resources for children in the program.


February 8, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Student Council met for the first meeting of the Spring Semester on Wednesday, January 30. At the meeting, Student Council appointed Michael Jackson to Co-Chair the Ad-Hoc Diversity Plan Committee by unanimous consent.


Michael Jackson is a graduate student at the UW-Madison School of Business. He is studying Marketing and Advertising and has worked on multiple diversity initiatives on campus in the past, and served as an alumni representative at a diversity event in the fall. In addition, Jackson works with multiple student governing bodies on campus.


ASM Shared Governance Committee Chair Britt Moes stated, “I’m very excited to have Michael Jackson serving as a Co-Chair on the Ad-Hoc Committee. I know he’s going to be an excellent addition to the conversation, and that he’s capable of tackling the challenges that are presented throughout the semester. This committee is a massive success for students, and I can’t express enough how much it means to have students voicing their opinions on something that will influence their future at UW.”


Shared Governance Committee will discuss this initiative further at their next meeting on Thursday, February 7, in the Caucus room on the 4th floor SAC at 5:30PM.


January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI — “The proposed ‘May 4th Event,’ an initiative led by the Wisconsin Union which has been working in collaboration with the Associated Students of Madison, the Dean of Students Office, and other groups in UW Administration, will release details soon on the progress of meetings to formulate the May 4th Event. The location, funding sources, and structure of the event have not been released at this point. As well, thus far no Segregated Fees are currently or planned to be spent on the event.


“ASM will always aid in initiatives to advance campus safety at UW-Madison, and working with this event is an opportunity for ASM to continue lobbying on behalf of the student body. ASM members have been involved with the Committee for several weeks, to ensure efforts are supportive of our mission to aid in campus safety. This event is one of many that ASM is involved with and will continue to be. We always encourage members of the student body to contact us with their thoughts on campus initiatives.


“The Associated Students of Madison Student Council passed a resolution on December 6, 2012, supportive of the end of the year collaborative event that exemplifies the values of the ASM Campus Safety campaign, which will involve a campus wide collaboration to provide a fun event for student body. Chancellor David Ward, Dean of Students Lori Berquam, Vice Chancellor Vince Sweeney, Chief of UWPD Susan Riesling, and numerous officials have all expressed support for the event.”


Inquiries on this statement should be directed to David Gardner at 952-356-5807.




January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI – The ASM Sustainability Committee brainstormed potential campaigns for this spring semester, at its second committee meeting this year. The Committee, in its first meeting of the Semester, is recruiting for additional members from different groups on campus that work in sustainability issues. At a future meeting the Committee will vote on leadership and campaigns, which it will partner with campus stakeholders to work on .


One potential campaign is a recycling initiative that is student based, something that UW administration has been working on in the Office of Sustainability. ASM Sustainability Committee Chair Colin Higgins said, “We would like to see this committee help out with recycling here on campus. We are such a large community and can have a great impact in this area.” Higgins also said that the committee would be interested in working on a project to educate students about energy use and also collaborate with other student organizations on campus.


The committee has also previously discussed auditing energy and water use on campus to call attention to potential areas for improvement in sustainable options.


The Sustainability Committee will meet next Tuesday in room 3155 of the SAC. Please direct all further questions to Jesse Pollans at 847-542-9892.




January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison’s Legislative Affairs Committee and the United Council of UW Students met today to discuss the timeline of the State Biennial Budget, and efforts that the organizations will use to lobby on behalf of lowering tuition. United Council Vice President Beth Huang spoke to the committee, explaining the efforts UC has already made on behalf of the campaign.


United Council and ASM will be working together closely to lobby on behalf of students for the biennial state budget. Both organizations are dedicated to closing the loophole that has allowed state tuition to rise 5.5% for the last six years, and aim to create an airtight tuition cap. The State Budget must be introduced by February 20, 2013, giving UC and ASM a strict timeline.


United Council has already organized a Lobby Convention the weekend of February 23 to help students understand the issues at hand, how the Biennial Budget affects students, allow students to receive lobby trainings by registered lobbyists, and also provide strategy sessions. On Monday, February 25, students will attend a press conference and go on lobby visits.  UC has also organized a statewide calling day for students to call representatives to tell their story, and express their concerns about tuition hikes and the state budget.


United Council Vice President Beth Huang expressed the importance for “students to tell their stories to legislators about why UW System matters so much” and about “what their education means to them”.


Legislative Affairs Committee will continue lobbying on behalf of lowering tuition, and also resume the discussion at their next meeting on Monday, February 4 at 7PM in the Caucus room on the 4th floor of the SAC.




January 30, 2013

MADISON, WI — The Associated Students of Madison Diversity Committee will be collaborating with the Wisconsin Union Directorate to hold an Ethnic Studies Roundtable Event on February 18that 7:00pm.  The event will take place in Union South, and the room location will be posted on the Today in the Union board.


An overview of the ethnic studies requirement and its history will be given to initiate the discussion. How and why the requirement came about, and other historical context issues will also be discussed. To follow will be an Open -Mic night to for stakeholders to share personal experiences or opinions on the requirement or ethnic studies in general. 


Dinner at the event will be provided by the Wisconsin Union. During dinner, ASM’s Diversity Committee will also distribute note cards to participants to write down their personal experiences and recommendations for the future of the Ethnic Studies Requirement. Diversity Committee will take these comments from this event and synthesize the comments received.  They will then be organized and typed up to give to the Student Ad Hoc Committee and Campus Diversity Plan Ad Hoc Committee to suggest for the Diversity Plan.  All students and campus stakeholders are invited to attend this roundtable event with questions, comments, or concerns in regards to the Ethnic Studies requirement at UW-Madison.


Anyone interested in participating in the brainstorming portion of the requirement revisions itself should contact ASM Diversity Chair Mia Akers ( 


Inquiries should be directed to David Gardner at 952-356-5807.